Joel Parker Henderson

Joel Parker Henderson, SixArm Software Consulting

Joel Parker Henderson is a software engineer and founder of, a software consultancy. 

Executive Summary:
* Extensive software experience in consulting, engineering, and operations.
* Author of dozens of open source projects; contributor to many more.
* Founder of multiple startup companies and a nonprofit organization.

Professional Interests:
* Lean Startup Methods & Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 
* Test Driven Development (TDD) & Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
* Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Deployment (CD)
* A/B Split Testing with Metrics, Analytics & Validated Learning


* Coding: Ruby On Rails, Python Django, JavaScript, Java, C/C++, Perl, LISP...
* Serving: Linux/BSD, Apache/Nginx, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Perl/PHP...
* Hosting: Heroku, EngineYard, RackSpace, SliceHost, Amazon AWS, App Engine...
* Testing: TDD, BDD, RSpec, Minitest, Cucumber, Capybara, Selenium...
* Scripting: JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Dojo, Prototype, SproutCore, Node.js... 
* Designing: HTML, CSS, Photoshop, ImageMagick, UML, DFD, UI/UX, Creately...

Joel Parker Henderson's Background

Joel Parker Henderson's Experience

Director of Software Engineering at H&L

January 2011 - December 2011

* Build from prototype through beta to launch in early 2012. * Lead engineering team to revolutionize human productivity. * Hiring experts in UI, UX, Ruby On Rails, and LAMP stack.

Senior Software Architect at WestEd

2008 - 2010

* Built web applications for students, teachers, researchers, scientists * Developed in Ruby On Rails, JRuby, C/C++, LAMP stack, with BDD/TDD/Agile * Led company initiatives in open source, outsourcing, testing, authentication, security

Developer Relations Manager at Sun Microsystems

1996 - 2001

* Presented Sun enterprise technologies to worldwide developers and partners. * Transitioned aquisition web properties among Sun, Netscape, AOL * Advised Sun special projects: application server, thin client, education sales.

Web Operations Manager at NetDynamics

1997 - 2000

* Grew software startup from 22 employees to 200, then $200m purchase by Sun Micro. * Designed, developed, deployed web sites and apps for Sales, Support, IT, QA, HR. * Worked with wide range of vendors to create hosting, scaling, mirroring, and monitoring.

Technology Registry Software Engineer at QuestLink Systems

1995 - 1996

* Programmed the key product, a digital résumé to connect employers and employees * Grew to be nation's largest online employment information service for 1.3m executives in 400,000 U.S. corporations. * Emphasized data mining, matching, security and confidentiality.

Co-Founder & CTO at Virtual Office

1994 - 1995

* Created,,, and more sites; all subsequently acquired. * Designed, developed, and deployed using Adobe tools, LAMP stack, many pre-web APIs. * Led all technology, development, tech marcom, tech hiring.

Consulting for UC Berkeley at UC Berkeley

April 2012

Founder & CTO at SixArm


* provides bespoke web design and development consulting services. * We emphasize agile programming, rapid development, TDD/BDD and scalable hosting. * Recent projects include business extranets, mobile sites, and scientific applications.

Joel Parker Henderson's Education

Brown University

Concentration: Neuroscience with Cog Sci & Comp Sci

Joel Parker Henderson's Interests & Activities

Startups, Software, Lean, Agile, TDD, BDD, Ruby, Rails, Go, Revel, Elixir